About Sydney BAG

Sydney Book Art Group is a group of nine artists who meet on a regular basis to share and discuss their work. While not all members of Sydney BAG are exclusively book artists, it is their books that have brought them together.

As book artists, their methods encompass a broad spectrum of techniques, styles and practices. Binding methods range from traditional to experimental to sculptural. Pages might be hand-drawn, printed traditionally or digitally, or constructed from repurposed or upcycled materials. Forms range from scroll to codex to paper engineering, from painterly to typographic. The writings, stories and concepts can be graphic, textual or textural.

Some works are made within a matter of hours, others over the course of many months, and they range in scale from small enough to be held in the palm of a hand to large pieces that require a wall or floor space to display them.

Members of Sydney BAG have exhibited their work locally and internationally, won prizes, and are represented in collections worldwide.

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To find out more about us, go to our individual websites.