Avril Makula

From a very young age Avril Makula spurned toys for christmas in favour of books and records, so it should be no surprise that books and music would influence her career.

She attained a visual arts degree at Alexander Mackie, but then, in an attempt to incorporate words and typography into her practice, carved out a career as a graphic designer specialising in books. This was satisfying to some degree, but she still kept wondering what she would do when she grew up. Then quite recently it dawned on her that she could do whatever she wanted. That realisation coincided with being introduced to the concept of artist’s books, and she now wonders how it took her so long.

Avril works with typography, the alphabet, numbers, music, colour, design, structure and order. She combines these themes with her love of print and printmaking and employs the disciplines of traditional bookbinding techniques to create books that are not necessarily traditional.

Avril lives and works in Sydney, but wishes someone would invent a machine that would allow her to simultaneously live in Chicago, New York, Kauai and rural New South Wales, all without leaving home.