Barbara Bartlett

Barbara Bartlett grew up in the Chicago metropolitan area and pursued a career in special education and social work before following what had been a long-term interest in art.  The Boston area was home for 30 years until she moved to Vermont in 2006.

Since the late 1990s Barbara has devoted herself full-time to the study and creation of art. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country and in Australia and is represented in private and corporate collections in Sydney, Munich, the Boston area, New York, Arizona, New Hampshire and Vermont. Barbara divides her time between studios in Vermont and Sydney, where she lives for four months every year.

Barbara initially studied watercolor and acrylic painting, but soon became drawn to printmaking. The aspects of layering and texturing it offered easily translated into mixed media, which is the current focus of her art. While still continuing to create some two-dimensional work, in recent years she has become fascinated by the possibilities of working three dimensionally. Employing re-cycled or re-purposed material as much as possible, she has recently created a large collection of pieces made from used tea bags. Barbara began making books a few years ago, having been inspired by Australian artists, and very much enjoys her association with Sydney BAG.