Group Show November 2014

The Sydney Book Art Group inaugural group exhibition was held opened on 13 November 2014 at Art Est in Leichhardt. Some of the work on show is pictured here.


Opening night was a great success

Opening night was a great success

Lisa Giles 'First time offered'

Lisa Giles ‘First time offered’

Lisa Giles 'Fleet 1 to 5'

Lisa Giles ‘Fleet 1 to 5’

Gary Smith 'Bugged'

Gary Smith ‘Bugged’

Cindy Tonkin 'Untitled'

Cindy Tonkin ‘Untitled’

Cindy Tonkin 'Untitled'

Cindy Tonkin ‘Untitled’

Avril Makula 'In the dark'

Avril Makula ‘In the dark’

Avril Makula 'Alphabet pop up'

Avril Makula ‘Alphabet pop up’

Avril Makula '100 circles'

Avril Makula ‘100 circles’

Sandra Winkworth 'Mostly vintage'

Sandra Winkworth ‘Mostly vintage’

Barbara Bartlett 'Family ties'

Barbara Bartlett ‘Family ties’

Barbara Bartlett 'Nicks year in Yunnan'

Barbara Bartlett ‘Nicks year in Yunnan’

Cathie Edlington 'Golden silence'

Cathie Edlington ‘Golden silence’

Cathie Edlington 'Eliza'

Cathie Edlington ‘Eliza’

Bernard Appassamy 'Compendium of knowledge'

Bernard Appassamy ‘Compendium of knowledge’

Julie Bookless 'An open book'

Julie Bookless ‘An open book’

Julie Bookless 'Bon bon'

Julie Bookless ‘Bon bon’